What are some great music theory blogs?
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I'm getting deep into music theory and I'd like to update my RSS feed accordingly. So what are some great blogs that post things like discussions of music theory books, musicological analysis of popular music, music theory related trivia, etc? How can I be more of a nerd in this way?
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this isn't a blog, but a collection of writings, but it might fit the bill anyway.
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If you're interested in podcasts, Pop Unmuted does some really interesting analysis of pop music. My favorite episode of the last few months is this one on one-note melodies.
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You probably already know about Alex Ross's The Rest is Noise?
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Not quite so rigorous as that, but Song Exploder consists of relatively popular musicians talking about how they constructed their songs. Some get more into music theory, some focus on the meaning behind the lyrics, some are a little more vapid. It's usually entertaining.
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Ethan Iverson (pianist from The Bad Plus) has a pretty fascinating blog that bounces around from jazz to classical to pop from a music theory/history perspective.
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