Bodyworker for senior in NYC
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Trying to find a bodyworker and modality in NYC for my physically fit 75-year older who dislikes massages, but is having persistent hip and buttock pain, and headaches even after working with a physical therapist.

My 75 year-old mother is in excellent shape. She walks 10 miles a day, goes to the gym 3x a week, and does stretching exercises everyday. She also has pain in her buttocks and hips and has been suffering from headaches that I believe may be related to neck tension. She goes to a physical therapist who thinks she has tight hamstrings, and has given her exercises which she does dutifully, but she feels she needs more help. Despite the incredible amount of physical activity at her age, she is not very comfortable with her body, nor very intuitive with it, so a patient and kind practitioner is necessary. She has a lot of muscle tension overall and has never enjoyed massage, but is desperate and so would be willing to try it. She's not especially woo, but I think would be open to anything once. I would appreciate any suggestions for a modality and a specific bodyworker that would benefit her.
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Bodyworks DW near Union Square targets injuies and pain and is excellent. (Ignore the life coaching stuff, it's very physically therapeutic.)
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I've had a very good experience with Margarita Alcantara. She takes insurance and is located in the Flatiron. I've used her for acupuncture but she also does bodywork. It's a comfortable, clean space and she is very kind.
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I don't have a specific person in NYC, but craniosacral therapy really helped my persistent neck pain and headaches. It's a really gentle massaging of where the neck connects to the head, and the head. It also feels incredible, like perfect infant bliss, beyond words. My bodyworker explained that I habitually tensed both my neck and scalp, and my experiences with her of what a relaxed state feels like has helped me to permanently stop that pattern.
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Brooklyn Accupuncture Project is a sliding scale acupuncture place if she's willing to try it. My wife and I have both found it really useful for treating chronic muscle tension and pain. I've also got stretches I'm supposed to do daily, but I've skipped a couple or wrenched something a visit helps take me out of crisis until I can get back on track with sketching.
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