Iridescent custom die-cut vinyl stickers?
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Please share with me your favorite places online to order custom die-cut vinyl stickers, preferably iridescent or glitter or iridescent glitter, using art I provide. I'd ideally like these to be about 2 square inches, and really shiny or sparkly, but with good (outdoor-quality) staying power. I have a few different designs I'd like to have made, in quantities of about 55 each.

I put in a bid with almost a month ago now and never heard back beyond the initial form response, so I'm looking for other options for quality work with a fast turnaround time. Thank you!
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Stickermule definitely does die-cut, and the quality is high. Not sure about the glittery stuff though. In my experience they're also very fast to respond to customer service inquiries.
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My dad does this. His site is pretty messy but you can contact him directly. Definitely can hook you up with sparkles, and should be able to do stuff around 2". Fantastic for the outdoors.
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I've never done glittery but Sticker Robot has been a good vendor for me in the past. Good outside staying power, especially with a coating they can put on to prolong life. I stuck one of my stickers on a trash can that sits outside all day in the rain and snow and it still looks great four years later.
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