Most bang for 500 bucks at Pottery Barn?
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I have a gift certificate for $500 at Pottery Barn. I never shop there because it's so expensive! And every time I look at item, I think to myself, "It's ridiculous to spend that much on something." However, we are moving into a new house and need many household items. If I could be convinced that something is really worth the money, I would have an easier time using this gift certificate. What is the most efficient use of $500 at Pottery Barn?

For example, is there a piece of furniture at Pottery Barn that is so well-made it's worth $500? Or are they particularly well known for their outdoor furniture or pillow shams? How can I get the most bang for my buck?
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I would get bedding there. They have some beautiful stuff that is well-made and will last through a few seasons. Get something for spring & summer, and also something in a different style for the colder months. It may just be my washer/dryer, but I tear through cheap bedding like crazy, and I found PB stuff really good quality.
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When someone gives me a Pottery Barn gift card, I usually end up using it at Williams Sonoma (you can generally use PB gift cards at any PB/W-S store, but obviously check that this in fact the case with yours). So if you've had your eye on a fancy mixer or some new pans/knives, that's a good way to go! Williams-Sonoma silicone scraper spatulas are weirdly good compared to other spatulas.

You might also want to check out West Elm, their urban/slightly lower-cost brand.
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Ah! I didn't realize you could use the gift cards at Williams Sonoma! Yes, go there!
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If you have standard-quality bath towels and sheets, upgrade them. A little luxury next to the skin really makes a difference in quality of life.
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We bought what seemed like an insanely expensive leather ottoman with a PB gift certificate. It was $400. It cost more than the leather chair which we got at the discount center for a department store. Fifteen years later we still have it, we grease it up once in a while. We use it every day. Someone always wants to sit on it when we have parties.
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I was just lamenting to Mr. BlahLaLa that our set of beautiful bedsheets with lovely embroidery around the top are really falling apart. Got them from Pottery Barn 22 years ago. If you're going to Williams-Sonoma, the Brasserie dishes we got there are still going strong, 20 years after we got them.
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Sell it on
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Towels and bedding are a great pick, agree. But I do agree that WS is also a good way to spend it.
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Go to the sale tab! (is that too obvious? sorry) I only buy there on sale and right now there is tons of bedding half off.
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Before you decide what to get also check prices of same or similar items on Ebay. Particularly interesting are resale prices on used PB items. That tells you their true market value.
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I only buy the Pottery Barn Essential sheet set. They're super comfortable and last year's even with weekly wash. If you don't have a favorite sheet set yet, I'd definitely recommend you try it out. (And they also have super comfy down duvets.)
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We have a Pottery Barn blanket that we absolutely adore - it's withstood many washings and looks brand new. I might get dishes there... they have a lot to choose from and seem to be high quality. Although I'm not sure if you can replace chipped or broken dishes individually.
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PB towels are the best!
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I have a set of Pottery Barn dishes that have held up beautifully for 21 years, despite being dropped, banged around, and generally abused. They were $40 for 4 place settings, back then.
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