Buying new lighting fixtures
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I'm replacing the outdated and ugly ceiling lighting fixtures in my place -- almost a dozen of them at once. Decor is simple and modern, with white walls and wood floors. I also really like Tiffany lamps and chandeliers although I don't usually go for ornate stuff. I'm new to decorating. Can you recommend some fixtures for me (with links)?

I'm replacing the outdated and ugly ceiling lighting fixtures in my place. There are about twelve different fixtures to replace: entry way, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

I'm looking for some ideas on what to replace them with and how to coordinate them. Should they all be the same? Different? How do I decide what goes in each room?

Decor is simple, modern, and in neutral colors. I'm new to decorating, so any help would be great!

Can you recommend some fixtures for me (with links)?
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Any interest in ceiling fans?

(Do you know if you have fan outlet boxes / how old is the house? Don't install a ceiling fan unless it's to a fan box.)
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the fashion here is mimbre shades (which i think translates to wicker-work). minimal, natural, elegant.
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  • Schoolhouse Electric: Timeless fixtures, ranging from old schoolhouse-type fixtures to modern and industrial.
  • Rejuventation: Expensive, but gorgeous.
  • Shades of Light: Emphasis on the trendy stuff
  • Overstock: A surprisingly great selection of lighting, including more affordable knock-offs of high-end lighting. They also have a section devoted to Tiffany-style lighting.
  • CB2: Modern, the whole collection pretty much goes together.

    Also, if your city has an architectural salvage store, sometimes you can find some options there.

    If you have the ubiquitous boob lights, you can also refurbish them into something more modern.

    Personally, I think having them all the same would be boring! Mix it up!

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    Going along with Huffy Puffy's ceiling fan suggestion (if applicable), I have had great luck with Hunter/Casablanca (same company) ceiling fans, and not-so-great luck with Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze. Yes, Hunter/Casablanca is more expensive, but even their lower-end stuff tends to be well-built. Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze, on the other hand, seem to warp their blades and go out of balance much earlier than you'd expect. In my current apartment, I have a Harbor Breeze with wonky light sockets (just how hard is it to build a friggin' incandescent lamp)?

    You can find discounts on Casablancas pretty often, and most Hunters aren't that expensive to start with.

    But I second - PLEASE check the box!
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    If you want to go nuts, for original and more "couture' designs, I'd look to Flos -- excellent build quality and detail, well thought out photometrics for the money. A classic when you want to whimsically mix antique and modern is the Skygarden Recessed, especially used in a set for hallway lighting. It's actually made of ceramic cast as the reflector.

    Foscarini's collaboration with Diesel is pretty hot right now for statement pieces like dining pendants.

    The pricing on all this is up there (~$700USD for the Skygarden) but if some inspire you, there are always replicas around at a fraction of the price.
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    Simple, modern, neutral color, and cheap...this pendant light is actually better looking than the pics. A good deal.
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    I hate to say this but if you like modern stuff, there is no harm in browsing Ikea or picking up a couple of interior decoration magazines to flip through. Probably the easiest way to get specific ideas for specific spaces in a style that matches yours.
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