It's buggin' me
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What are these bugs?

I moved into a new apartment (my place and new building. I am the first occupant). Within the last couple of weeks, it's become an infestation. These bugs are everywhere. They are about .5 inch in length. They have wings and cluster near windows and lights. They seem to stick near the ceiling. They look like mosquitos all moat but I have very few bites for as many as are in my home. What could these things be? I like in South Korea, the weather is pretty temperate and on scale with what I experienced in PA. I keep a generally neat house and anyway these don't seem to show special preference for the kitchen. So please, hivemind, what are these? Bonus points for an idea how to rid me of them.
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Not all mosquitos bite. Those look like mosquitos.
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Yep, mosquitoes is a good bet. You might try a homemade trap...
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Might be crane flies. They are often mistaken for mosquitos but are harmless. Wikipedia page here.
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They are most likely some sort of Chironomus, a non-biting midge that looks a lot like a mosquito. There's very little you can do to get rid of them as adults, but, like mosquitos, they breed in standing water. Therefore, make sure you don't have any buckets or containers to seed their next generation. They're harmless, however annoying.
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It's hard to get an idea of size from the picture, but that looks kind of large to be a mosquito.
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