Replacing cloth suitcase handle?
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So I recently ripped through a cloth suitcase handle (photos attached below). I would like to know it it's possible to replace the cloth part or the whole assembly fairly cheaply (<30USD) or if it's worth tossing the fairly cheap luggage in question.

The metal parts that held the cloth strap in place are both securely intact. I searched Amazon but can't seem to find the correct terms for this particular part of the suitcase, and I wouldn't know where to start in terms of replacing the whole assembly. I'm a fairly handy person (do minor car/house maintenance myself, for instance, so I'm not phased at trying to do so.
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Sorry, dropped the image link.
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I used to carry a school bag made of leather, which had a similarly shaped handle, but all leather. Sometimes these handles broke; my mother then took the bag to a cobbler and it came back with a nice new handle. I'm pretty sure cobblers can still do that kind of thing. So that's where I would ask.
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Yes, agreeing that a shoemaker/shoe repair shop is the place to ask about this. Might totally be worth doing.
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Maybe something from here:
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The term you want is "webbing", and you can buy an entire roll of it for like $10-15 (for example.

To make it comfortable, get a patch of leather/fake leather-like material (thinner will be easier to sew) and sew it around the webbing.

You will have recreated the handle that was on there, with likely enough extra material to make 30 more.
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They make nice leather replacement handles with two "belt buckle" like fasteners on either end. sells them.
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Thanks jabah, that's just what I was looking for.
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