It better shine It better cut I know it is expensive but
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I'm looking for an inexpensive imitation/simulated diamond engagement ring style piece of costume jewelry. I'm thinking under $150, a metal that plays nice with sensitive skin, princess cut solitaire on a silver/platinum color band. Is there a company you can suggest? Anything to look out for? I know it won't look real to anyone who cares - I don't care - I just think it'll be a fun trinket to put on from time to time.
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I have a selection of cubic zirconia "big rocks" I wear occasionally (and I have friends who have subbed in similar when pregnant and their bridal sets didn't fit). has a surprisingly good selection (generally under $40), including in plus sizes if that matters.
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How sensitive? I have a pretty intense metal allergy, and if you do also it is worth making sure you aren't just getting plated rings, because that wears off quicker than you'd think. I bought a gold plated bracelet once that claimed the plating was really thick but it gave me hives after a few months of wear.

Etsy is my go-to for things like this, just find a ring style you like and ask them to make one in titanium or sterling for you with a CZ or Herkimer diamond.
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I've had good luck getting sterling silver rings with CZ or equivalent at department stores - Macys, JCPenney, even Sears. The only drawback is that the gems tend to be yoooge.
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Like ananci said, avoiding plating is probably a good idea if you have sensitive skin. But if you run across something that is gold filled, usually marked GF ("14K GF", "1/10 10K GF", and several other variations), these have significantly more gold covering the base metal core, and should not wear through for a much longer time than something plated. AFAIK silver filled is not a thing, so make sure you get something marked "sterling" or "925" (other marks apply but those are by far the most common you'll run into, at least in the US).
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For jewelry that looks good, is in the style of what is currently fashionable (They have some tacky nonsense too, but the rings especially are mostly pretty classy), and is all sterling silver and cubic zirconia, your best bet is probably Berricle
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