Looking for a really unique envelope/letter/stationary
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Looking for a really unique envelope/letter/stationary to use for a job application thank you note.

There is a job that I am applying for that I really want an opportunity to get in and interview for. Instead of sending the generic follow up email, I was thinking I would send a follow up snail mail letter. But one that stands out. It is a gaming company I am interested in, so anything techy, geeky or just all around interesting is what I am aiming for.

This is what got me thinking of this. It would be perfect, but my time frame won't allow for waiting for a shipment from SE Asia.

This one is great too, but I don't think it would hold up too well in the actual mail. It would suck if it arrived with just a silhouette of an airplane and part of the note went missing.

Any thoughts? All ideas are welcome, thanks!
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This may be too twee for your needs, but the World's Smallest Postal Service comes to mind immediately.
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Gaming company?

Supe Mario brothers stationary?

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Can't. Help. Myself. Stationery. Whew...

What about making your own envelope out of a page from a comic book/graphic novel? Or some other piece of paper with something gamey or techy on it?
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You need to be able to send something pretty immediately so they don't forget who you are. So your lead time is basically zero here.

I like cecic's suggestion of DIYing your envelope out of a comic book page or similar. Do they still put out gaming guide booklets with cheat codes and level hints and stuff? Page from one of those would be great, too. (For the notepaper you can scan a page, cut out a big blank rectangle in the middle leaving a border, and print that out to write on, perhaps?)

If you want to go with something readymade, Papyrus has some neat card options and they stock a selection in most CVSs.
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Question: Have you actually interviewed with this company yet, or did you just submit an application?

If you haven't actually met anyone yet, I don't think an immediate followup by any delivery channel is going to endear you to anyone, and I really don't think a gimmicky card will make a difference.

If you've actually interviewed, and have a sense of the company culture and people* you're dealing with, then maybe this would be appropriate and/or effective, but even so, snail mail in 2016 is risky.

*And you can't assume that just because it's a gaming company that everyone will be hip goofy nerds who will appreciate this sort of thing.
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As yeahlikethat said, paper mail isn't a sure thing.

Even more so, I thought about how I'd react to getting some elaborate thank-you from someone who had applied with my team. My reaction would be similar to if a co-worker gave me a hand-knitted sweater for Magna Carta Day. Eeek!

A thank-you should be proportional. If your neighbor mows your lawn while you're on vacation, you buy him a six-pack of beer (assuming not a tee-total). If you get a job interview, you send a thank-you email (unless it went so badly you hope they don't ever call you back).

An elaborate thank-you paper card / letter isn't proportional thank-you for someone looking at (hopefully!) your application, especially if you haven't even interviewed yet.
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