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Thanks to a comment on the Blue, I found a wonderful YouTube series about GamerGate, complete with synopsis and perspective from both sides. I want more of this!

Please give me your favorite YT videos or series about anything "SJW", that will hopefully give me new perspectives and possibly history about events or facts to back up claims. I'm not actually quite sure what I am wanting out of these, except that I want to feel the same way watching them as I felt watching this series. Which is to say, things falling into place in my brain. The aha moments of "Oh my god, this is about these people feeling like they are fighting for their souls. This is something that I have felt!".

Can you hook me up with that sweet sweet perspective?
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Not "SJW" specific, but another recent favourite of mine: CGP Grey on why the social networks (except for FB & LinkedIn) that threw mutually antagonistic groups in each others faces were the ones that were successful. Thesis can be extended to the offline world too! (Shia vs. Sunni, pick your Christian sect against all the others, the endless splintering of the Marxist left etc etc)
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(Admittedly that reading is my own interpretation, as the video is ostensibly about meme propagation, virality & self-sustaining thought patterns in human societies.)
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Oh, and bonus points for topics about race! Being in an interracial relationship really has helped this white person understand how little she knows about systemic racism.
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Jay Smooth?
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I'm not sure which aspects of these are the most appealing to you, but Stuff Mom Never Told You is friendly-toned and funny but feminist-angled and intersectional (and occasionally just handy).
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