Can I liberate my Vitamix blades to a new container?
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I got a Vitamix Pro 300 last winter. The container has developed a crack, and it is being replaced under warranty with a whole new container. I have been told to dispose of the old container when the new one arrives. My question is - if I were to buy a smaller 16oz container from eBay without blades, could I transfer the blades and retainer nut from the cracked 32oz short container into the smaller 16oz container? I would do this if I can in order to give myself some more options to blend smaller amounts of food!

As far as I can tell the blades are all the same size but I'm not sure if I would need a new retainer nut? Thanks for any advice!
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Sorry, I got the volumes wrong - the Pro 300 container is 64oz and I want to move the blades from that into a 32oz container!
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I did exactly this to go from a previously too-large container 64oz to a smaller 32oz one that now fits under the counter. The answer is yes. You don't need a new nut unless it's compromised somehow, but they have a Blade wrench that you'll need to remove the blade.
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Excellent, thank you Karaage!
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Just an update to say that the blades from the Vitamix Pro 300, which is a low profile container, are actually too large for a 32oz container. Will need to see whether I can sell the blades from the old container now to fund some smaller ones.
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