World history telecourse from the 1970s? Later on PBS...
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I took a telecourse on world history at a community college in the 1980s and I think I'd like to take it again but I forgot the instructor/lecturer's name.

I think he was Austrian? It used to play in the middle of the night on PBS. He was known for saying something like "and what followed was 100 years of pillaging, massacres, dread and brutality..." or something similar.
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Best answer: I don't know the series, but you might check They have several series that have been used for telecourses in the 1990s.
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Response by poster: OK, by following that link I found that the lecturer I was thinking about was Romanian-born American historian Eugen Weber and the series was called The Western Tradition.

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There is also the 1969 "Civilization" from Kenneth Clark.
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