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Whats the best cordless vacuum?

Its going to be used primarily for cat hair and litter in a small apartment.
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We like the Hoover Linx. We have two budgies who like to molt simultaneously, and occasionally fling their poop. This vacuum gets it all up, and can be used on carpets in addition to hardwood floors (where it excels.)
We bought it as much for its aesthetics as its power. Cordless vacs tend to be ugly buggers.
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Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt.

Also, as always, The Wirecutter is indispensable.
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We got the Dyson V6 Animal (Warning, obnoxious autoplay audio. Australian site but British brand).

Pricy, but hands down the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. It's too much hyperbole to say that it has changed my life, but it has certainly revolutionised my housekeeping standards. Went from vacuuming maybe every month if I was lucky to happily vacuuming 2-3 times a week. Just so easy to use.

For reference we share a small 2 bedroom semi with a long haired cat and a golden retriever, and it easily copes with the copious, copious shedding of two animals hell bent on covering this slice of the earth 2 inches deep in fur.
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I used the V6 Animal for cat hair and general cleaning in a small, hard-floored apartment and it was great. Best if you have a closet with a power plug to wall-mount the charger out of sight. The thing has enough pull on the turbo setting to suck hair and dander out of textiles and upholstery.

Turbo only gives you ~10 mins of cleaning time, but regular gets you thru a good chunk of your apartment and it encourages regular cleaning rather than occasional marathons.
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We had the Dyson cordless animal and it was great when it worked but it didn't work very often. Its motor blew out somehow fairly quickly and Dyson sent a replacement one (good service!). And then the battery stopped being able to hold a charge for more than a few minutes. We just use brooms now.
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We got the Black and Decker based on the Wirecutter review. We've only had it three months, but it's great. We have a high demand house with a four year old and 18 month old twins.
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I love my Dyson V6 Animal as well, which i bought after asking this question. I honestly enjoy vacuuming now.
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Came in to recommend ANKER as a company. Unbelievable products and service.

I have a corded specialty broom vac from bissel that I love. If it dies, I will get the ANKER.

EDIT: Came in to add a link, noticed it had an unheard of 2% dissatisfaction rate on Amazon. That never ever happens, usually 4% is lowest.

So there ya go.
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I went with The Sweethome's recommendation, a Black and Decker 20V Lithium model. It works great and is frankly way overkill for what I do with it. The stick part is useless.

The key thing that article talks about is you want a lithium battery, for longevity, and you want a higher voltage battery for power.
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