your favorite waffle recipe
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What's your favorite waffle recipe?

I bought myself a wafflemaker. The recipe it came with is unsatisfactory. I throw myself on your fluffy and delicious mercy, MeFites.
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I grew up eating waffles made according to the basic recipe given in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. Easy, fluffy, and delicious.
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In my parents' old edition of BH&G the recipe is called "Everyday Waffles," and IIRC in the newer edition the same recipe is called "Buttermilk Waffles"
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The night before,separate the eggs,mix up the batter,excluding the whites and put in the refrigerator. The next morning gently fold the whites into the batter. Crunchy goodness for your fluffy and delicious waffles,works for pancakes too.
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I, too, separate the egg and fold the white -- although I don't prepare it in advance, and I don't use the whole white (too spongy). Add a cup of flour, a half-teaspoon of salt, a quarter-teaspoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of cornmeal, two tablespoons of butter, and seven-eighths of a cup of buttermilk.

I think it came from The Best Recipe. It's about the only recipe I bothered to memorize, since I'm using it while half asleep. ;-)
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My default 'separate the eggs' waffle recipie is called Deluxe Waffles and comes from Makes 'em less dense with the egg white beaten and folded in.

The most important thing I've found with waffles is to monitor the temperature of the iron pretty carefully (i.e. dont go do something else while they cook). Also, throw away the first one, cause it never comes out right.

Favorite topping: Banana and strawberries, sliced. No syrup required.
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Whatever recipe you use, if it doesn't call for vanilla extract, be sure to throw in a dash. It makes waffles (or pancakes) taste so much yummier.
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The addition of orange or lemon zest can be a pleasant variation.
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Yeasted waffles following Cook's Illustrated recipe. We've not tried them yet in a non-Belgian style waffle maker (although the recipe notes the opposite) but expect the results to be just as delicious. The waffles are crispy outside and fluffy inside. Making the batter the day ahead makes for easy waffles in the morning. Yum. We use all kinds of toppings, including "duds" from jelly making (the jelly did not set but makes fine syrup). My favorite syrup though is grade "B" maple.
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I am an evil waffle person who uses a mix. There's a Belgian waffle mix on the market that's really actually very good. However, let me suggest my family's favorite waffle addition: bacon! Pour the waffle mix into the iron and then put a slice of bacon (thinner is better than thicker) right on top, then close the waffle iron. The bacon cooks into the waffle - okay, it's still a little chewy - and it's delicious and everyone loves it.
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The one on the Bisquick box works great for me. Possible additions: chopped pecans, vanilla extract. I cook the waffles a bit longer after the light comes back on on the waffle maker; they aren't crisp enough otherwise. Don't overmix the batter - just enough to combine everything. Use real maple syrup.
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Take whatever recipe you normally use, add grated cheddar cheese, cornmeal, and a bit of extra milk.

Also, don't use the light on the waffle iron as indication of anything. Its only informational content is whether the heating element is on or off. Instead, remove the waffle only after the steam emitted from the machine has been reduced to a trickle.

Oh, and if it's easy, it's not going to make a very good Belgian waffle. Belgian waffles are a pain in the ass. Stick to non-Belgian waffles unless the recipe you're using is loathesomely complex.
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Pecans, pecans, pecans. Mmmmmm.... Waffles.
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Our waffle recipe, which we quite like:

One egg, beaten, add 3/4c milk, 1tsp vanilla, 1Tb oil, beat it all together, stir in 1c white gp flour, 2tsp sugar, 1.5tsp baking powder, dash of salt. Makes 2 Belgian waffles, fluffy 'nuff.
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