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Since Speed Download is no longer being updated, I'm looking for an app that can download stuff. I use Transmit for anything FTP but I want a way to download from web sites.

I want to be able to put in an http address and download all files from there, or put in a link to a file, as well as the usual stuff like resuming downloads, accelerating the downloads with multiple streams and saving passwords for sites.

Yazsoft (who made Speed Download) are recommending Folx. There are several others on the Mac App Store.

I tried FileZilla but as soon as the installer gave the me choice to install some Yahoo plugin and set my browser's default I quickly lost faith. If you've found a decent download manager for Mac please let me know.
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SiteSucker, perhaps?
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I use DownThemAll which will do half of this stuff exceptionally well with no bullshit. It does not (to the best of my knowledge) save passwords and I don't know if you can just start from a link (as opposed to from a web page).
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I've just downloaded Fat Pipe based on an online recommendation. Haven't tried it out yet myself, but seems promising.
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