ISO a backpack-y convertible backpack tote
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I am looking for a convertible backpack/tote bag that leans more toward the backpack end, i.e. a backpack with tote bag straps rather than a tote bag with backpack straps. Examples:

Something like this from Topo Designs is almost ideal (except for the fact that it's apparently discontinued..); I also found this similar bag from Qwstion which is great (I prefer its natural fibers over the nylon of the Topo Designs bag), but it appears that the strap drop is not quite long enough to carry the bag on the shoulder like a tote. Help!
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The Timbuk2 Ace?

MEC used to have one too but I don't see it on their site any more.
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I suspect you are looking for an everyday-bag rather than something usable as luggage, but I have this eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible (Junior size) backpack and I love it. It wears like a backpack but opens up like a suitcase, and can also be carried like a brief-case or as a shoulder bag. It can hold a shocking amount of stuff but isn't overly bulky and can fit under an airplane seat.
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Thanks for the answers so far! A couple quick details that I forgot to include in my original post (apparently there's nothing like bag shopping that brings out my inner persnicketiness):

- I am indeed looking for something more daypack-sized rather than luggage -- something sufficient to hold a 12.5" laptop, a few papers and my lunch is all I need. I am a somewhat small-framed woman, so big backpacks start getting unwieldy for me fast.
- By "carry on the shoulder like a tote" I mean something like this rather than the longer straps of a shoulder/messenger type bag.
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Title 9 Sports sells one as their Both Ways Bag. The label in the picture looks like it's made by Patagonia. I can't tell if this is the same Patagonia bag or not, but they offer it in a few more colors.
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Fjallraven Totepack no. 1
No. 2 is a bigger version.
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What about SSCY's Tack or Tack Day? Alite Designs also has its Bike to the Beach bags in two size.
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Well, in true AskMe fashion I carefully considered all of the options presented by the hivemind, and eventually ended up going with the one I had originally linked to in my question (Qwstion simple pack). It was a bit spendy, but it's really well made and I appreciate its nice, clean lines. Plus it turns out I can carry it on my shoulder (given my somewhat spindly chicken arms..) Thanks again everyone!
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