Sometimes my air feels not so fresh
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I need a new air freshener for the bathroom. The one I loved was discontinued and I kinda hate all the other ones I've tried, or if I don't hate them they cost one million dollars. Please give me suggestions for a new one.

So I always keep air freshener in the bathroom, largely for guests so they don't have to be embarrassed, but also for my husband and me to use. Trader Joe's discontinued the one I totally loved and I'm crushed. I loved it because it was a citrus scent and didn't smell artificial -- it just smelled like oranges -- and I can't seem to find one nearly as good.

I loathe most of the ones like Glade or Airwick or Febreeze that you get at Walgreen's or what have you; they all smell like chemicals to me. I've also tried some expensive ones that have very cute label copy about how your poo probably doesn't smell like roses, but they really don't do much in the way of, you know, actually making the air smell ok. My very favorites are the ones from L'Occitane, but as noted above, they cost a zillion dollars and I don't want to drop $25 bucks on air freshener that people are going to spray profligately around the bathroom.

So. Any suggestions for air freshener that: 1) smells decent and not too too artificial; and 2) doesn't cost too much?

Thank you!
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Have you tried Orange-Mate (or it's cousins Lime-mate and Grapefruit-mate) or Citrus Magic? I'm not a bathroom air freshener person, but we used to have these in a work bathroom and they weren't terrible.
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I keep incense in the bathroom and light it as needed. I have a notch in my sink that I can rest a stick in, and it puts itself out when it reaches the sink.

You can also make your own by mixing a few drops of essential oils in water, in a spritzer.
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I use one that is made entirely from citrus oils. They work great and don't have any of that artificial fragrance that I find so cloying.
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Fresh Wave is a great, natural smelling air freshener.
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Poo pourri! You spray it into the toilet instead of in the air and it smells lovely.
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Yeah, the poo pouri really works. So do the diy recipes for it you can find.
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Make your own. Put 10-15 drops of lemon or orange essential oil in a spray bottle. Add water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar or vodka. Shake. Less than $1, smells like heaven, won't hurt anyone.
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Here to suggest Poo Pourri, also One Drop or you can make one yourself from the many diy recipes (I like sweet almond oil + sweet orange, or this blend even though I am irritated by essential oil homeopathy bs).

Also, you can make the same oil-type freshener and put it in a spray bottle with vodka (or perfumer's alcohol, but vodka is cheaper/easier). All the aerosol air fresheners I've bought in the past couple of years have way too much velocity for my tiny bathrooms, so even the quickest of sprays means inhaling the vapor; a smaller atomizer works better for me. I use 2-ish oz travel/trial sprayers because I'm clumsy but you can also buy some pretty or cool sturdy glass sprayers if you want to do it up fancy.

If you want to tumble down a rabbit hole of more interesting scents, I make my room/linen sprays from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs scents. It looks like they don't have a ton of options in stock in their citrus and orange tags but my beloveds are Dirty (smells like line-dried linen) and The Reaper and the Flowers, which they call a funeral home scent but it actually smells to me mostly like fresh-cut stems.
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Hooray for Poo Pourri. We also just keep a small (metal) spray bottle filled 2/3 with water, 1/3 with alcohol (PGA, not isopropyl/rubbing alcohol), and 10-ish drops of various essential oils on the shelf above the toilet. After a quick shake and a few spritzes into the bowl, it's functionally like Poo Pourri and more DIY/customizable.

Another key element here is how stagnant the air in your bathroom is. If you live where the climate allows a cracked window, do that. Or consider putting in a small fan to circulate the air. That in conjunction with some fragrance will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by the usual bathroom smells as well as whatever fragrance solution you settle on.
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These incense match sticks work pretty well.
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Ozium is the favorite air freshener of hippies who need to clear a much-traveled van of scents that attract unwanted predators, especially the kind that carry badges.

I was told it used to be (is?) used by hospitals as well. It doesn't mask odors; it's made of tiny glycol droplets that attach to them and make them fall out of the air. (So, protocol is: spray with Ozium; wait for a count of 5-10 before entering room.) After that, you can use whatever scent-creating method you like - incense, potpourri, essential oils, etc.

I love Ozium, and my chemically-sensitive friends are okay with it.
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Thanks everyone!

Confidential to Lyn Never: I'm a huge BPAL groupie (I'm wearing The Lights of Men's Lives right now) but honestly, it never occurred to me to use it for room spray. Will dig out some imps and give it a whirl!
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