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Are there any fun videos about running?

After having been a casual runner for years, I recently got much, much more serious about it. I have a generally good idea of what I need to do training- and food-wise, but I'm always interested in watching videos (usually on YouTube) about the extracurriculars that I do.

There are a lot of videos about running, either by seasoned runners or people just starting and documenting their journey, but I don't find these videos particularly interesting (bad production quality, awkward/stiff speech and body language). I do tend to like videos and video series like Crash Course, Evelyn from the Internets, and a lot of the ones that Buzzfeed does. (I also like some fitness Instagram gurus like Massy Airas, but she doesn't focus on running at all).

Are there any fun internet people that focus on running?
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The Ginger Runner is great. He focuses on trail running, but should hit your marks for fun.

Also, here's a link to an article about 9 other great trail running blog/vloggers. (10 total, one is Ginger Runner). Trail runners like to share.
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Would you be interested in podcasts? A local DC area running store chain (Pacers Running) started a podcast last year called Pace The Nation. It's a mix of running banter by the hosts, interviews (mix of locals, big name people like Matt Centrowitz, and running shoe/apparel company people), running news stories, and some entertaining tangents. The rapport among the hosts is great- it's interesting to listen to and also makes me laugh out loud frequently.
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Meatballs, it's a little dated but still pretty fun.
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Not video, but The Oatmeal has thoughts on running.
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Thank you for the suggestions!
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Not a video either, but you mught be slightly entertained by quirky ultrarunner Jenn Shelton on Twitter. Oh! It's actually on the list in DuckGirl's second link.
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