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I NEED a personal finance management app. There are many around, so i need help going throw options.

Difficulty level:

Main accounting: Euro, Italian bank, self employed.

With random additions of other currencies (Sterling, Chinese, Milesian, Dollars of various places) I need to be able to track these different currencies banking and petty cash.

Windows desktop, but also online and a good online phone interface as I know it will be difficult to find a windows phone app.

Should be able to import cvs.

No 41k or other financial services, but a few graphs please.

Built in reminder to pay my taxes would be useful.

I don't mind having to pay for it.
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I use Toshl, which is more like a money tracker app. It does multiple currencies, which is very useful. But their new version has gone down in functionality. So I import the CSV files into my own personal Excel workbook to spit out the numbers and graphs I want.
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I'm not sure it can do everything you need, but I've been using YouNeedABudget for quite some time and it is wonderful. It has a month trial, and they generously extended my trial when I had some questions before I bought it.
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