Things that go bump on the ears
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What's going on with our cat's ears?

What are these bumps on Oona's ears?

She's indoor/outdoor, but we are vigilant about flea treatment, and it doesn't appear to be the grain allergy we first thought it might be.

She's not in tremendous discomfort, but she scratched her ears occasionally and doesn't want us touching them.
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Could it be nettle rash?
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Mosquitos? My land lady's cat is terribly allergic to mosquitos and the flea treatments don't help this particular allergy. His ears look similar once the mozzies
start to get at him.
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Could they be claw marks from other cats that she is fighting with outside?
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I'd consider calling the vet about a cat-safe antihistamine, and maybe keeping her inside for a few days, to see if it clears up. Maybe it's mosquitoes, maybe it's a plant allergy, maybe it's sun-related.
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Check her for ear mites. They look like dirt inside the ear.

Also, if you live in an area with a lot of fleas, you may need to switch up the flea treatment as many flea populations can develop resistance. This apparently is especially the case with the topical ones you put on the back of their necks. I give my dog an oral medication that hasn't lost effectiveness even after a whole year, but my roommate's cat requires alternating topicals each month or she ends up with fleas. YMMV, depending on your area, of course.

If the bumps are still there in a couple days, I would take her to the vet -- there are a bunch of weird fungal things that can cause ear bumps too :P
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Nthing vet if it doesn't clear up. Weird ear crud can turn into ear infections which can make kitty very sick.
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