Best Online Drawing Course -- free or cheap (let's say $20 or less)
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So let's say a guy is interested in learning how to draw (realistically, not cartoon). Anyone got a free or chap online course they think is especially worthwhile? Specifically I am eventually interested in figure drawing, but need not be that focused at this level, of course.
posted by michaeldunaway to Media & Arts (5 answers total) 59 users marked this as a favorite and Sadie Valeri Atelier have vastly changed the way I draw.
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Draw A Box (the subject of this MeFi post) is pretty great.
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Craftsy has a bunch of online drawing classes. Most are under $20 and the rest will eventually go on sale for $19.99.
posted by Joleta at 5:00 PM on June 3, 2016 is a good place to ask this question.
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Does it need to be online? Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is well-regarded for good reason. One summer my mom decided she was going to learn to draw, based on that book. The progress she made was amazing. I still have one drawing she did that summer that I want to get framed, it captures the thing it pictures so perfectly.
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