Where are my photos?
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I'd like to disentangle myself from iCloud, but I'm confused about the location of my photos and where they are located. My setting within Photos don't seem to line up with what I'm seeing w/in my computer.

My iCloud settings are set to 'Download Originals to this Mac', but the folder associated with Library Location (Pictures/*.photoslibrary/Masters/) doesn't include all my photos. For example, I can see photos within my Photos app from 2013, but there is no 2013 under Masters and the file names are no where to be found on my mac. Does this mean these photos are only on iCloud and is my only option to export them? Or are they hiding someplace I haven't found? I have looked all over the internet but can only find advice to check the 'download to mac' option and look in the library directory. My photos are completely uncategorized, unorganized, and generally neglected, and I'm not worried about losing information by moving away from iCloud/photos, as long as I get the photos. Thanks in advance for any help!!
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This article

How to Download Photos from iCloud to Mac or Windows PC the Easy Way

may be of use.
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