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I am looking for punk/post-punk/new wave songs that feature spaghetti western styled guitar sections. Examples include: Do You Believe In The Westworld? by Theatre of Hate, Obsessed by 999 and tons of Adam and the Ants songs.
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I cannot listen to the tracks at work, but you might find John Zorn's The Big Gundown of interest - it is a no wave reworking of Ennio Morricone.
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Big Audio Dynamite, maybe?

Joe Strummer and Mescaleros, maybe?

Wall of VooDoo and Stan Ridgeway's solo album, maybe?
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The Plugz -- "Reel Ten" from the Repo Man soundtrack.
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The Alarm - 68 Guns
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Federale has an extremely spaghetti western sound, though I don't know if they are sufficiently new wave for what you want.
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The Mermen have a shit-ton of stuff over at archive.org. Really surf-psychedelia, but lots has a feel that might interest you.
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You might like Man or Astro-Man, although they are more dark punk surf rock than spaghetti western, but it's kind of hard to tell the difference sometimes!
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The song I posted above has a link to a playlist that is worth checking out.
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Oh, man, Wall of Voodoo. All the Wall of Voodoo. Hell, they even COVERED Morricone! Seriously, just go listen to everything Wall of Voodoo ever recorded.
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If you can find "incident at cima" by the 90's band Scenic they fit this bill exactly:

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The Pixies' Surfer Rosa has some of these elements. Strange, messed up versions of these elements, but might be worth a listen.
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There was a really terrible movie call "Dudes" featuring a young Jon Cryer that was about two punks traversing the wild west. It was absolute shit, but I remember much of the soundtrack having a western vibe and being at least pseudo-punk. Check out the track list
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Tortoise - I Set My Face to the Hillside
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Calexico are pretty much this, right? Also Friends of Dean Martinez. For a bleaker twang, check out Black Heart Procession.
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I went a little beyond spaghetti western - there's some surf and other things here, too.
Fidget - To Hell With Music
The Gun Club - Sexbeat
100 Flowers - Reject Yourself
The Mo-Dettes - White Mice
The Prids - The Glow
Pylon - Crazy
Red Temple Spirits - Dark Spirits
Abecedarians - Dinner. Also have a song called Spaghetti Western.
Jonström - P3
Blurpz - Life
JÄRNTVÄTT - Ålderskramp. Lots more fun stuff at Bosse Sound, if you're into obscure and Swedish.
The Three O'Clock - Jet Fighter

Others, somewhere on the spectrum of punk/post-punk/goth: 45 Grave, The Fall, Killing Joke, the Legendary Golden Vampires, Lords of the New Church, Savage Republic, Sex Gang Children, The Urinals, Gang of Four, The Wipers
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Blondie, Sugar on the Side.
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