Semi-common construction or meme having to do with sacrifice
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Recently I've seen occurrences that are basically "name, verbing the thing," where the second part is a sad thing. I think this sometimes shows up as a call and response, where one person says one name and a sad thing they did, and the other person names someone else who did a sadder thing (typically related to the first.) What is this and where did it come from?

I saw it in this week's GoT thread, but can't find the example. I think it's somewhat new. In my memory, it's used for people (usually fictional?) who made some great sacrifice.

I can't believe I'm spending a question on this, but the cadence of the phrase has been echoing in my head ALL DAY.
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It's from the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode "Darmok".
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I think people are riffing specifically on "Shaka, when the walls fell."
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Ahhhhhhhhh thank you both.
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