Customizable exercise app/video?
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I love love love Yourself!Fitness, but it doesn't work on my new PC. Are there other apps (Windows/Android) which have the same features? Namely, that you can set/choose: duration, equipment, type of exercise (cardio/strength/stretch), and difficulty level. Plus it always gives you randomized exercises, so the workout is never completely the same. I'd like something where I can press "start" and just go, without having to look up different exercises or download videos, and it would give me a long-term program, so I can gradually level up.

Also, it would be nice if the difficulty level started from "absolute beginner", not "reasonably fit 20yo".
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Might be a dumb question - but why doesn't it work on your new PC? We might be able to help with that :)
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I wish I had a good answer to your question, as I share your love of Yourself!Fitness and I don't really know why that model of exercise software didn't take off. If it really just won't work on your PC anymore, one option is to pick up an (original) Nintendo Wii. They are pretty cheap (~$70), and Yourself!Fitness was ported to the Wii as My Fitness Coach. There are lots of other good fitness games for the Wii as well--the EA Sports Active ones have a lot in common with Yourself!Fitness, but are more focused on cardio and involve some (kind of fiddly) motion sensors. Avoid "My Fitness Coach 2"--it has nothing to do with Yourself!Fitness and is basically a cookbook on your Wii.
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Just a thought: would Sworkit maybe be the app I'm looking for?

I don't know why Y!F doesn't work and I'm too tired to figure it out... It's the 21st century, shouldn't there be an app for everything? ;)
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Just Six Weeks (on apple or android) might fit your bill.
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Answering my own question one year later, for anyone interested: the new Jillian Michaels app seems to be the answer.
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