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I'm looking for the best YouTube workout videos/channels, in the 20-60 minute range. Specifics for me inside but I'm happy to also have recs for great videos that don't suit me now but may suit my later, or help other people!

So my smart TV can play youtube videos, and it occurred to me I can escape from my set of 10 or so random workout DVDs that have been sitting around the basement for years. Normally I walk and hike for exercise, but I'm rehabbing a hip injury and I'm terrified of getting caught away from my house/car when my hip decides to quit for the day, so I've been trying to do more substantial exercise at home, but I get bored quickly while doing the same workout over and over. But! YouTube!

I'm most interested in yoga, pilates, and other strength/flexibility workouts (less so in cardio), but I'm pretty willing to try anything to keep the variety going. The amount of time I have varies (because I have to fit it around my kids' schedules) so any time length is fine -- some days I'll have 20 minutes and some day I'll have 90.

I've got a mat, small handweights, one of those big inflato-balls (although it's not inflated), and I'm happy to acquire a couple of small accessories, so don't let accessory use rule anything out for you, although as a rule this is "working out in the living room" and not "free for all in the gym."
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Not youtube but online. Check Warrior X-fit they have a different workout each day using resistance bands and body weight exercises.
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I love Yoga with Adriene (which I'm sure I read about here). Lots of videos, wide range of lengths, super perky and minimally woo.
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I love Jillian Michels 30 Day Shred for the 20-30 minute work out
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I think you're female, so:
P4P (search through p4p's stuff - there are some 8 minute ones too)

I HATE cardio when it involves jumping for no reason, however I love dancing in my room where no one can see and ridicule me:
Latin Workout (She has loads of dance exercise videos including a twerking one).

Lastly, I love Jillian Michaels because she gave me an ass to be proud of (until my dvd player broke down and out of sadness, I munched on cakes). This is the best one (IMO) and don't be alarmed by the length - it's 3 separate levels in one video. Level 2 is the one that worked for me - Killer Buns and Thighs
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Thirding the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I started doing it--and actually, I am going to get back to it because I have two days that aren't spin and I need to keep moving--and was really impressed with how tough it was. It definitely got results!
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Just recommended this one the other day in a similar thread - search Lauren Hefez on YouTube. Great and free.
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I love Jillian Michaels but I think 30 Day Shred might be a bit more cardio-focused than you would like. I recommend Yoga Meltdown or Shred It With Weights (best kettlebells, but you can give it a go with a large hand weight to see if you like it).

Shred It With Weights
Yoga Meltdown
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I've generally enjoyed Cassey Ho's Pop Pilates/Blogilates videos.
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Check out Jessica Smith's channel. She has DVDs on the market, but she also posts free workouts on YouTube every week.
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You should check out They have a whole catalog of online yoga courses to choose from - some are free, some are not (but they are 50% off this week!) Signing up for the site is free. Some of the videos are on YouTube, but not all. (Not sure if that's a dealbreaker?) There's a variety of classes and teachers. Erin Motz is my favorite and her 30 Day Yoga course is 30 free courses from 12 - 30 minutes in length. (If you don't want to sign up for the site, the whole challenge is on YouTube.) She has a larger video series for purchase on too. If you want longer classes, Erin has a few hour-long classes for sale on her website.
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I really like Fitness Blender as it provides hard workouts without "cutesie" references to shrinking fat, bikini bodies, etc. Most of the exercises are for both men and women.
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