Take-out dinner in downtown Seattle?
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I'm going to be in downtown Seattle (near the library) on business and won't have time for a sit-down dinner. Where would you recommend I get some take-out dinner? (No need for breakfast or lunch.)

Local ingredients would be great, I'm not a big meat eater, and I'd prefer no Asian (I get enough at home).

Bakery/patisserie suggestions welcome, as well.

These don't have to be full-blown meals -- little nibbles are fine. I've looked at lots of eateries but it's not always clear whether take-out is an option. Thanks!
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Mamnoon Street might be a good option, depending on how much walking time you have. They specifically do a take-out window and a sit-down section.
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Macrina Bakery
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There's a Veggie Grill a few blocks from the library. It's not the most amazing place ever, but they have nice salads/bowls if you want something simple with lots of veggies.
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Weekday or weekend?

Belle Epicurean has an outlet not far from the library. They do pastries and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, but are open until 5p during the week.

If you can walk to 1st/University, about 5 blocks NW of the library, go to Lecosho. I'm sure they'd give you a to-go box.
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Weekday or weekend?

Oops, should've mentioned it'll be a Sunday and Monday. Everything so far looks fantastic, thank you!
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Seconding Macrina. Pike Place Market is a fun hang with fresh produce always.
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Sweetgrass makes tasty veggie-packed bowls, and you can order ahead for pickup or have your meal delivered.
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