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One of my users is experiencing an issue with the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook 2013. She is unable to view any meeting information for other users and I'm out of ideas.

We're implementing some major email changes at work and one user is experiencing an odd issue with the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook. She is unable to view any free/busy time. Outlook indicates that there's "no information" and displays a "no free/busy information could be retrieved. Your server location could not be determined" error message when trying to view other calendars. She can manually open and view other calendars.

Creating a new Outlook profile did not help. I loaded my email account onto her existing profile and I was able to use the Scheduling Assistant. I logged into Windows with a new account and was able to use Scheduling Assistant after I created a new Outlook profile for her.

Uninstalling/reinstalling Office and deleting local files did not help.

I feel like the problem would go away if I could create a totally fresh Outlook profile. I must be missing some files somewhere.

I'd rather not recreate her Windows profile if I can avoid it. Googling this issue is difficult because almost all results are back from 2013 when Microsoft released a buggy patch that caused this exact error. The resolution was to uninstall the patch (that patch isn't installed on her machine and everything is up to date).
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When you say you're implementing major changes, any chance you're moving to office 365? When we were transitioning people who had made the change couldn't see schedules for people who hadn't.
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We're going the other way - O365 to an earlier version. Another company bought us out and I'm not sure what Exchange they're running but it's not 365.
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