Outlook 2007 Calendar on my Windows XP desktop?
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How can I keep my Outlook 2007 Calendar always on top, and always "snapped to" my other programs (so their borders don't overlap the calendar) on my Windows XP desktop?

I need my Outlook 2007 calendar to show up on my Windows XP desktop, or break out into it's own, non-cluttered window that has the option to be "always on top". I'd prefer my other programs to respect the calendar's window, and not extend over it (similar to the way most windows programs snap to the edge of the start bar/systray). This can be a widget, gadget, 3rd party app, etc.

Please help askmefi!
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Actual Windows Manager will do what you want and lots more.
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Best answer: I used this for quite a while and was happy: Outlook on the Desktop
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I've had good luck with: Autosizer
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Response by poster: @TomMelee, "Outlook on the Desktop" is what I'm looking for, except non-transparent and I would only like it to show one day in a vertical column on the right third of my desktop, on top of all other applications.

Anyone know of something similar to this?
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It seems like you may do best with Always On Top + Actual Window Manager + Outlook Day View.

You will have to arrange the outlook window and I think actual window manager may allow some predefined setting to take up a third of your desktop.

In the event that you are looking for something to keep track of the time and where your day is going use a 30 min timer. (this of course is a wild guess and it would be interesting to actually have this setup).
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Hmm. I know you can change the default view to any standard outlook view. You can also just resize outlook to do the same thing.

Can you combine options with something like this?
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