What TV movie was this?
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Years and years ago I saw a (what was probably) a tv-movie on a network like WGN or KTLA. It must have been filmed in the mid-90s. It was about two women who met while being treated for breast cancer (I think).

Both of them were married, had families, etc., but one was wealthy and the other was more middle/working class. If I'm remembering it correctly, the two women started some sort of organization about breast cancer, or ended up hosting fundraisers for it, or whatever. By the end of the film the two women broke their friendship because the rich woman took credit for everything, or stole the poorer woman's idea, or something like that. The rich woman was sort of presented as the antagonist of the story. I swear there was a card at the end of the film saying it was baed on a true story, but who knows.

Does it ring any bells? Did I dream it?
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Could it be Two Voices (1997): " Sybil Goldrich had breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, Kathleen Anneken chose to have breast implants. They both suffer from symptoms they were not warned about. Who would have guessed drug companies and the doctors' community is hiding something from the public with government endorsment? The two join forces to fight the system, at the same time dealing with their different social-economical backgrounds, "style" and families. "
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Yes, that has got to be it!
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