Another Round of Name Those Cats
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My new cats need names! After mourning the loss of my best friend Minnie (who was with me for 21 years), I've taken munchingzombie's advice to heart and adopted two new buddies from the shelter.

White cat is about a year old. He has a genetic abnormality which means he essentially walks on his elbows. He doesn't let it slow him down, though, as he loves to play and has already gotten into everything in this house. He does a fair bit of standing on his hind legs like a kangaroo or a meerkat. When I walked into the room at the shelter he instantly jumped in my lap and wanted to play. Such a lovable, outgoing, affectionate little guy.

Black cat is 15 years old and a little pudgy around the midsection, if you know what I mean. He's a lot slower and likes to sleep a lot, but he's full of headbutts and purrs when he's awake. He was abandoned by his previous owner and seems to have taken White cat under his wing on the street, where they were rescued. They are ridiculously well-bonded, and the big guy is doing a great job teaching little brother how to cat. They like to snuggle together and give each other baths.

Trouble is, their shelter names are terrible. Looking for some help!

--Want their names to be a reflection of them as individuals, rather than a reflection of their partnership. (Chocolate/Vanilla, Fric and Frac)
--Would prefer to avoid famous duo names for similar reason (Timon/Pumbaa, Forrest/Bubba)
--No names that start with M. I've retired that letter forever.

We thank you for any ideas you have!
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Best answer: Big cat - Ernst. Small cat - Charlie.
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Small cat might also be an Owen, or possibly a Pierre.
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white cat- Roo
black cat- Zombie (in honor of munchingzombie)
they are so adorable!
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Josh (big) and Francois (little).
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White cat: Irving (as in Thalberg)
Black cat: Albert R. Broccoli

Congratulations on the new additions to your family!
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Stubby and Titus.
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Big old kitty needs a name that reflects his wise ways like Solomon, Sol for short.

Little bit needs a little name like Roo or Boo.

They are very cute.
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White cat - Scooper
Black Cat - Archie
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Little cat:
Hercule Poirot
Charlie Chaplin

Big cat:
Mr. Toad
Mr. Mulliner
Teddy Roosevelt
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We're thinking Rodney & Rorschach, here.
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I see Tom and Timmy
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What a cute pair of kitty friends!

Big old kitty needs a name that reflects his wise ways like Solomon, Sol for short.

Along those lines, I also could see him as a Saul.

For little cat, I think Roo is definitely a cute name. I'll also add:

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Tralfaz and Astro
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Faust and Klaw.
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That's about the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time.

How about Daniel and Jace?
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Zuma and Teeny
Thomas and Lil Wigs
Abe and Mosh
Dumptruck and Spoon
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Best answer: Little cat immediately made me think of a baby kangaroo, so I like "Roo." "Charlie," for some reason, also works for me, and my first thought was "Frank" for older kitty and "Charlie" for little kitty.
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1. Sorry about Minnie.
2. OMG ALL THE SQUEES. Good on you for adopting a bonded pair, particularly since one of them is 15.
3. I know you said to avoid famous pairs but I think Pinky and The Brain might work here. Pinky for the young one since he's so bouncy and Brain for the older guy who is more laid back.

Hank and Bocephus (yeah, that's another famous thing. Sorry.)
Cletus and Titus
Cletus and Abe (sorry, for unknown reasons I really want to name a cat Cletus.)
Salt and Pepper
Mac and Cheese
Stumpy and Lumpy (I know he's not actually Stumpy but yeah.)
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Best answer: The older guy is definitely a Tiger. Charlie seems to fit the younger guy.
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Big cat: Oliver
White cat: Percy
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I know it is a pair technically, but Calvin for little cat and Hobbes for big cat.
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Older guy-Max
Little one-Emmett
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Response by poster: Thank you, everybody! Charlie it is for the little guy. I went back and forth on several of these answers, and ended up going with Walter. They responded to their new names by getting deliriously high on nip and keeping me up all night.
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I named (co-named, really, with other Charlie-enthusiasts) a cat! Woo-hoo!!

They are both such cute guys. And Walter is a great name - the "w" sound is just what he needs.
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