I need a new crossbody phone & wallet carrier
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Please help me find a practical, durable, dirt-resistant (so not fabric) crossbody handbag that has a magnetic cell phone pocket, and a second larger front zip pocket for my wallet and/or Canon s120 point & shoot.

It should be no larger than 10 " (22cm) wide and 6.5 " high. It should be soft, as it will be banging on my hip. Must be available in Australia (I am ok with ordering on line). Colour doesn't really matter but I would prefer black or leather-brown. I am willing to pay $$$ for quality, but not for brand name. If it comes with wallet that fits front zip pocket, that's cool. I would like the strap to have a ring i can clip my keys to.

This is the right configuration - I have one - but 3 weeks travelling and it got dirty. I can't be emptying my bag every week to wash it.
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If you're wiling to pay $$$, then take your bag to a leather craftsperson and have them copy it.
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Latico has a bunch of cross body bags. I've have mine for years and it's held up well.
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