What to do with old sweaters NYC
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I'm moving soon, and I have a large collection of sweaters that I procrastinated on donating all winter. They're in good condition, I just dont want them anymore. I obviously don't want to move with them, and I would rather not throw them out. Are there any charities that accept warm clothing during the summer? Or any other ways of disposing of them that I haven't thought of?
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Housing Works.
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Any of your typical charity shops like Housing Works, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. mostly take whatever you want to donate. Definitely out of season clothing is fine.

It's really only the consignment places that will turn away donations for not being in season.
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GrowNYC will take clothing drop offs at over 36 greenmarkets in the city. They'll give you a form for the tax deduction too.
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Try St. Mary's Church, they will pick it up!
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