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I LOVE this dress, but I'm not going to buy anything through Rosegal. Can you help me find something similar?

What I like about it: the delicate coloring would work for me, and I love love love the translucent printed overlay sleeves and color over the solid colored body of the dress. The jumbo print makes me happy. The length is nice for formal events, but shorter would be OK (not too much longer please, I'm kind of short). I love how shapely and painterly the flowers are, too.

I'm not picky about the neckline or the sleeve length, though I the ones on this dress are basically perfect. I don't expect to find an exact match, but have you seen anything like this floating around?
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Modcloth seems like a good bet - maybe something like this one?
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translucent printed overlay sleeves and *collar, sorry
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Do you feel more comfortable buying it from this website?

I checked it up and it does have some customer complaints, but also positive reviews. Still a bit risky I suppose, but the website looks nicer.
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You don't mention a budget, but your dress is only $20 (and free shipping)! My concern about that site would be that their products are cheap pieces of crap, but since that dress looks perfect to you and is only $20, it's probably a risk I would take.
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I would not recommend buying that particular dress. A Google Image reverse search only turned up similar sites--they're all basically the same sorts of places covered in this Buzzfeed article.

These Chetta B dresses have a similar feel--lots of floral, mute colors, and overlays. This one's close, but alas, no sleeves.
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Floral Organza Fit & Flare Dress (the florals are an overlay)
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This is pretty.
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Oops, I should have clarified more but I'm totally not going to buy anything from one of these weird scammy dress sites-- I'm pretty familiar with them and was disappointed when I saw this dress in an ad and realized it was one of their wares.
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Yeah I was going to take back what I said, but wasn't sure of your tolerance for sketchy sites.

There are some overlay dresses here, though not as pretty

Less sleeve and less painterly from asos, but has floral overlay

Less painterly and out of stock, but maybe can find on ebay?

No sleeves and darker,
but pretty?

Not a print, but in the same spirit?
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Another one to see if maybe you can find on ebay, did find it here I think

Some options here, but darker colored
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Have you checked out eShakti recently? They usually have a lot of fit & flare dresses, and their stock is ever-changing. They are a reputable site, with lots of options for customization, like adding sleeves to something they show sleeveless. They're not super fast, however.
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This is my daughter's prom dress. It looks different because the layer underneath is white, but the fabric on top is pretty close to the one you like. The brand is B. Darlin (which is a terrible name). I googled around for "B. Darlin floral" and found this one.
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Have you tried doing a reverse image search on the original dress to find out who the maker/designer is? It may be on the market and available for a reputable company, and the image may have just been swiped by Rosegal.
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That one the webmistress posted is an ASOS dress, so not scammy, but it is out of stock. Might be something to scour eBay for.

You might find something that suits at Chi Chi, but they have an annoying tendency to have either a beautiful sleeved overlay OR a large painterly floral, but not both. Those are sort of their two specialties, though, and they have to come together eventually. (Here's one that's a lot like that ASOS dress; here's one with sheer sleeves but embroidered instead of printed, here's a gorgeous one but in a brighter color and with an overlay but not the sheer sleeves. You get the picture. They don't have your perfect dress but they might have something.)
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Here's the dress on YesStyle, which, while based in Asia, is reputable (I used to order from them a lot and everything I purchased was what was pictured -- however, I haven't ordered from them in a couple years). Just read the size guide carefully.
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Here's a sleeveless dress with a sheer overlay, made from similar fabrics.
Off-the shoulder style, similar fabric

I believe the flowers on your dress are magnolias, which might help with searching.
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One more pretty one
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I don't see anything that's exactly the same, but Modcloth does have lots of pretty large-print florals. Maybe see if anything there would scratch the itch?
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