I'd like to buy swirl skirts from India
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Where can I buy these comfortable, stylish skirts made in India?

Last spring at a clearance sale at Hancock's Fabrics I bought a swirl skirt, cut and sewn on bias strips. I love it and other women compliment me every time I wear it. I have searched online and haven't found any like it. This is what it looks like: Image 1
Hancock Fabric is now in bankruptcy and has no more of these skirts. Does anyone know where I can find them? Your answers are much appreciated! (If I were to sew one, it would be a time-and-labor intensive project and I would also have to design the pattern for cutting.)
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I sent you a MeFimail
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There are a few on ebay now. I'd do a search for them and then save it so you get notices when they come available. Also expand your search by looking under "hippie" and "boho". You might think of other words to use in your seach as well.
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Best answer: You can find swirl skirts on Etsy also. Here's someone who will make you a custom one for $50.

These type of skirts are surprisingly simple to make. There are plenty of patterns for this type of skirt out there if you want to give it a try.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Ananci, if I get some time I'd love to make some. The skirt that I like is cut straight to above knee level, then flared on a strong bias and I think the patterns would be easy to alter to get that effect. It has multiple stitching lines (not seams) about nine per front and nine more in the back, to create a dramatic flare and scalloped hemline.
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