What should I put under my MIDI drumset?
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In my old apartment, there was nobody below me, so I didn't worry about he noise that my electronic drumset made. Now I have downstairs neighbors, so I want to find something to put underneath to deaden the sound and keep it from slipping on the hardwood.

To be clear, this is an electronic drumset, so it's pretty quiet, but I still am concerned my downstairs neighbors might hear me stomping on the bass pedal.

I've been looking at mats that one might put under gym equipment like these ones, but I don't have a good sense for what would do a good job of reducing sound as well as making a good surface for the pedals to not slide away from me.

As you can see here, the pedals have spikes that can be extended to keep them in place, but that requires that the material they're on is dense enough to not just get torn up. I've also looked at Roland's own drum mat, but at only 0.3 inches thick, I don't know if it would be as good for noise reduction, and at $170 for just under 17 ft², that seems pretty dear compared to the other options.
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Have you considered the thick heavy rubber mats that people put under their washing machines? They're very sturdy and dense, and not very expensive. They're made to deaden and absorb vibrations and they do that really well, and they're not slippery. Mine looks like this.
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McMaster-Carr sells vibration-damping pads that would fit under the pedal.
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I have an electronic drum set, and I went to Canal Rubber and got a heavy, 1 inch thick rubber mat. Haven't heard from the neighbors ever since.

(It doesn't need to be a big mat, just make sure that the feet of the rack, as well as the hi-hat and kick pedal fit comfortably on it.)

If you're feeling especially hands-on, have a look at this Tennis Ball Platform that's all the rage in V-Drum circles.
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Just a thought: There are thick rubber mats used for the bottoms of horse stalls. I don't know if they'd be compliant enough to absorb the sound or pass it through, though.
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Wow, great answers, y'all! Thank you so much.
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