app to alert on non-arrival of email / sms
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This is proving difficult to Google. I'm looking for a service that generates an alert when an expected email does *not* arrive at the expected time (with some leeway). Double plus good if it can do the same for an expected SMS.

I'm looking to test a negative: be alerted when my system fails to send invitations via email or sms. I would need to define the email by sender and / or subject, and configure an alert to myself if the email didn't arrive daily by a set time.

It wouldn't be that hard to build this, but I don't want to build it if something exists already. Does it?
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There is this: / It works in a sort of challenge/response fashion. I would suggest googling for 'deadman'.
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You want a heartbeat/watchdog time that executes a script that greps through you email/SMS stack for the text you are expecting and another script that clears the stack.

On linux you can search for watchdog and watchdog.conf
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Boomerang does a thing close to this- if you send an email and don't get a reply, you can set it to ping you. I don't know if it can be configured for your needs.
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