Help me choose a replacement for my lost phone
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I lost my LG G3. What smaller sized Android phone do I replace it with? Before I entrust my phone self to the kids at the Verizon Store, please give me some advice. .


I don't do anything in particular on a cell phone, no games, not a lot of social media.
I don't want an Iphone.
I need a small phone for my small hands.
It needs to be an android.


I liked the G3's camera and the fact that it survived a lot of drops.
But it was my first smart phone-- I resisted the cell phone lifestyle until I could resist no longer. I don't really know what was G3 about it and what's a generic smart phone feature.


It was too big.
The USB port came loose over and over.
It worked with a limited number of battery packs and it was a lot of trouble finding that out.


For anything else, I'd file a claim. But in the topsy-turvy world of cell phones, I'm not sure whether I am better served buying an unlocked replacement at a brick and mortar store (after verifying the IMEI).

I'm out $150 either way. $150 is my deductible.

Any thoughts on USAA's new and supposedly improved cell phone insurance plan vs. Verizon's Asurion?


I'd like an Asus brand phone to match my three other Asus devices. If not Asus, Lenovo to match my Thinkpad.

Dumb, I know. But a bad idea?

All advice appreciated, even advice tangential to the questions above. I don't want to get an Iphone. Thank you for helping me figure this out.

I'm in the US. Well, Louisiana.
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Wirecutter recommends the MotoG

I use the Samsung Galaxy Light - its small and a bit slow but I am not that heavy a smart phone user either. It's only 90 clams on amazon.
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Seconding the Moto G. My partner has one and likes it a lot. If you want to go even cheaper, look at the Moto E, but the camera on the Moto E is not very good at all.
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I had to exchange my Sprint LG G4 for the third time because they have some weird issue where they just fail to start up one day. I refused getting another LG, so they gave me a Galaxy S7 instead. I really like it much better than an LG. First of all, it is smaller than LG, second, it's waterproof (which is awesome, not only do you not have to worry about getting it wet while outdoors, but it is SOO much easier to keep it clean -- you just wash it in the sink!)
It also has a better camera. Cons: I think the sound is not as good as LG, and the screen is rounded off at the edges, which makes it difficult to hold and use it one-handed without some sort of a case. Also, there isn't any glass screen protectors available for it, if that's what you want. The Edge version is even worse in this respect. However, other than that, I'm really happy with it.
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Motorola Moto G's punch well above their weight, I've been extremely happy with mine and it was a third the price of an equivalent Samsung, without any of the associated UI cruft and 'clever ideas' you try once then turn off forever.
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I had the G1 & G2 and loved the keyboard. Sadly, I don't know if any other phones have physical keyboards anymore. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 because I don't like big phones and dislike apple. I like my phone, it serves its purpose. I use it mostly like you do and run CyanogenMod. I do miss the keyboard..
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Agree with the Moto G, though you'll pay more than $150.

If you want to venture into the used market, consider the LG G2, Nexus 5, Galaxy S5 and 2014 Moto X. They're all smaller than your LG G3 and performance will be fine on all of them. They're all under $200 used. Note that none of these phones will be getting software and security updates much longer.
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I like my Moto G a great deal. I spent $230 for it, and it works better than the $500 Nexus 4 I bought it to replace. Setup was pretty easy. My only complaint is that it seems a bit short on memory, and I had to delete a bunch of photos and get a little more careful about what apps I load on it.
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I need a small phone for my small hands.

It was too big.

Honestly, if I were you I would hit the Verizon store and window-shop (if you can feel comfortable being probably kinda forceful about "Not gonna buy today, thanks, just looking.") I made it 4 years on my previous phone (I forget what it was), and when I went in to replace it last year my first thought was "HOLY COW ALL THESE PHONES ARE ENORMOUS WHAT THE HELL!!" And I've got average-size hands for a guy who stands 5'8". If size is that important better to go get your hands on them and see what they feel like - once you've got the (probably short) list of the phones that feel good you can research their strengths and weaknesses online before heading back to the store to buy.

I've often found phonescoop useful for reviews and info about phones.
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Having just retired my First Gen Moto X*, I feel you. Phones are enormous now, and it's slim pickings for tidier, compact models. Moto G is probably your best option.

Sony's Z5 Compact is supposed to be a great choice, but it is not cheap.

*I went with the Nexus 5X because it's merely huge rather than ginormous and because it's a Nexus, which means vanilla Android and no custom skins and other crufty stuff.
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I just recently had to change my LG G3, and I also went with Nexus 5x, because I love how LG does the Nexus phones, and considering the current price, its camera is very good and the whole size is not too large on my small hands (plus the stock google keyboard now allows one-handed typing mode like the g3 so the keyboard can flush left or right. its voice typing is also very good, considering my mishmash english accent).
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I have a Google Nexus 5X (manufactured by LG) and am digging it. It's size is comparable to the G3.
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The Samsung Galaxy phones of recent vintage (S6 and S7) are less wide than your LG G3. That was one of the deciding factors for me when I got my recent phone. As someone who believes that the feel of the phone in your hand is really important, I'd nth that you should pop into a store and try to use the phones.
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Thank you all for your advice. I was pleasantly surprised by the replacement process with Verizon's insurance carrier. They sent me a S6 and it's worked out well. I can see why it's such a popular phone.
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