Rothko's Harvard Murals
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I'm having trouble finding color photos of the Rothko Harvard murals in their original settings (shot to show placement/context within the rooms and amid their furnishings, rather than showing details in the paintings themselves). If not on the web, is there a book containing such photos?
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Best answer: Here's one. I'd imagine you'd already found it, though.

According to this article, "...they also needed to reference a series of Ektachrome photographs of the works taken in 1964. Sadly, those pictures had faded as well." It sounds like there were few color photos from back then, and it seems doubtful that they're published.
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Best answer: Sorry for posting again, but look here, here, and search for 'rothko' here.
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Response by poster: Gregr, don't apologize. Keep posting!

I just saw the new Rothko film. Not great, but it had a couple breathtaking shots showing how Rothko created an environment with these paintings (which was the whole purpose, so all the detailed studies of the paintings alone are a bit pointless). It contrasts with the commission from the Four Seasons that nearly gave him a nervous breakdown (he couldn't reconcile the commercialized, bustling, highly secular restaurant environment with the sort of environment he was interested in creating), and presaged the Houston cathedral project.
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