How to find a concert as a gift for my parents as a 50th anniversary?
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My parents live in San Diego. This year is their 50th wedding anniversary. My idea, since they love music, is to find a concert or show that they could enjoy together.

All my searches have given me music that doesn't match their interests.

None of us children are able to travel to visit and throw a party in their honor, which would be an ideal gift.

They enjoy folk music and 50's era rock and love to dance- they are in a group that does ballroom dancing socials.

Can you recommend any particular venues, resources or specific events that might fit their interests?
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Best answer: Humphrey's is a great venue that does some pretty fancy dinner/hotel/show packages, you might peruse that schedule and see if anything appeals. Unfortunately it looks like Bob Dylan is sold out.

Here is an astonishing, massive list of everything coming in the next few months on one page. I noticed this Beach Boys show 6/17 just scanning the list, also Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.
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Best answer: The Bahia Resort in Mission Bay does a weekly 'Beach Party' event with live music by the Mar Dels. The Corvette Diner in Point Loma is kitschy and has a live DJ playing '50s music. Chubby Checkers is playing Sycuan in October. (The Hit Men, a 1960s+ cover group, is playing there in July.) Here's a brief local concert schedule at SD CityBeat. Southern California folk music and and dance schedule, from FolkWorks.

(Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons! Slightly too late for '50s, but Humphrey's is really nice and I hope that concert listing might work for your parents. I saw the billboard, and wished I could lure my own mom out west.)
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Bob Dylan will be at Humprey's in June, James Taylor is at Valley View Casino also in June.
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There's an Indigo Girls show at Humphrey's. They are amazing live.
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Steve Martin and Martin Short are touring together and will be at Harrah's Resort in August. And Lyle Lovett and his Large Band will be at Humphrey's in July.
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Are they able to travel? Maybe they would enjoy the Hollywood Bowl.
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