Ceiling light bulb hole?
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What do I do with this ceiling light bulb hole?

Just moved into my new apartment. In the living room/dining room ceiling there is this weird off-center socket, it looks like this. Can I buy a light fixture for it? What is this weird thing in the ceiling and why is it there? Bonus points for links to pendant lamp fixtures that will make the spot look better.
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Have you tried screwing a light bulb in? If it works and you want to put in actual fixture instead of a bare bulb you would need to find the switch and breaker for the light bulb, unscrew the socket cover, and wire in the new light fixture.
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If this is a rental and/or you'd rather not start messing with the building's wiring (and since it's located off-center in the room,) you could just screw in a socket to receptacle adaptor like this. Then go get a pendant with a standard plug and a chain and just swag it over to a strong ceiling hook mounted wherever you want it to hang.
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If you are just a little bit bold, you can disconnect the power to this outlet, remove the fixture, and install one that you like. Or, you can get a globe type light bulb and screw it into this fixture.
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That was a common cheap way to put a ceiling light in a room. Do as Karaage says. But if you don't want to put in a new fixture, there are lots of shades that clip right onto the bulb, like this.

Make sure you use a round bulb, though, not a twisty fluorescent.
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Best answer: That fixture is the absolute cheapest thing you can do to meet the standards for a certificate of occupancy. If you want, you're wired up there, and adding a new fixture is pretty easy (if you have a ladder). Get permission from the landlord and ask if you can wire up your own fixture.

Light fixtures are so cheap! And you can really change up your space and make it your own with a really nifty light fixture.

If you don't want to fuss with it (and I get it) there are a bunch of light fixtures out there that are made to screw into that socket. Here's one on Amazon, look for Instant Pendant Light or Screw in Socket light. Here's another one.

Have fun!
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Look for a nice vintage style clip on shape like these.
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Indeed, what you want is a clip on shade. Even a simple fabric one that is made to fit on floor lamps can look nice upside down.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! These are great ideas...
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