What to do about puppy UTI
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My three month old puppy is peeing every five minutes and clearly has a UTI. Will this self resolve? How long should I wait before taking her to the vet?
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I've never known a UTI to self-resolve in an animal, and the ones I've witnessed have caused considerable pain. I'd be on the phone making an appointment already. An untreated infection can end up being fatal, and if it's caused by something else (there are a wide range of possible somethings) they can also have pretty serious consequences.
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You don't wait, you take her to the vet now.
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Take her, my experience is with cats, but this will not go away by itself.
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Vet ASAP. Why wait? Have you ever had an UTI? I wouldn't want any animal i cared about to suffer for any longer than necessary. And you don't know it's a UTI for sure, i'm sure there are also reasons a puppy might exhibit these systems.
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Never wait on getting to the vet especially with puppies. Problems can escalate quickly. Plus you don't want your pet to ever suffer needlessly.
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Will this self resolve?


How long should I wait before taking her to the vet?

As little time as possible. Please take her to the vet asap.
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Another vote go to vet, even if e-vet ASAP. UTIs as stated above are not only painful, they are dangerous. Do not leave the vet without antibiotics even if nothing shows up in the initial tests they'll run. Read up on taking a clean urine sample, bring it and ask for it to be cultured to make sure you've been given the right antibiotic. But do not leave the vet without an antibiotic, even if it needs to change depending on culture results.
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Go to vet ASAP. Take a sample with you if at all possible. It'll help expedite things.
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Oh the poor thing must be in such pain. Vet now, tonight, please.
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I don't know about dogs, but, in people, an untreated UTI can relatively quickly turn into a relatively dangerous kidney infection. It's not a thing to wait out. UTI pain is really awful. I'm assuming by this point in the thread you've gone to a vet, but -- one thing that helps people with pain on urination from UTIs is peeing while immersed a hot bath. I'd give her as much time as she likes in the tub with water as hot as she likes when you're back from the vet.
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Definitely don't wait, go to the vet!
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Also your dog may be at risk for dehydration.

An easy way to check is touch your puppies nose. If it is dry to the touch instead of wet that also indicates a bigger problem.

It can also be other painful things.

Take your puppy to the vet.
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Came in to nth the vet. The sooner, the better. Poor thing is probably in pain - UTIs are no joke. Vet, asap.
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Yes, take puppy to vet.

Buy D-Mannose powder.

I've had my dog for three and half years. I know her habits well enough to know if she has a minor UT irritation, in which case I add d-mannose to her food and Kong toy. After a few days, doggy goes back to normal. But she's no puppy. please please please take your puppy to the vet. In a few years, if your dog is prone to UTIs, you'll recognize irritation and be able to treat it before it's time for vet visits.
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