Help me find an old SNL skit.
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The sketch was at a party, and focused on one character who kept trying to make small talk with people but each time he tried he inadvertently offended someone. Tried talking about the weather, if I recall, and another character started crying, prompting others to berate him for not being more sensitive to the fact that the crying character's family member had been killed by a weatherman. Or something like that....
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Is it this Kids in the Hall sketch?
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This sounds like Debbie Downer.
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That Kids in the Hall one is similar, but not quite it...
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That sounds really really familiar. You don't by any chance remember even one the cast members who was in it.. or what decade?
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You can search their transcripts online.
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Was it the Seinfeld episode "The Pony Remark"? Jerry starts talking about how no one in real life has a pony, and this old lady from the old country is super offended because everyone she knew, including herself, had a pony.
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A Bear Ate My Parents?
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Is it this one? Not a party, but Alec Baldwin and Kristin Wiig keep offending each other during their carpool with what they say. He says he hates Celine Dion. She explains how Celine rescued her from a Peruvian kidnapping, etc.
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These are all hysterical, but not the one I'm remembering. Perhaps I made it up entirely....
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It is not in your head Framer. I recall the sketch as well but I can't find it.
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