Wasa cracker spread ideas
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For breakfast I usually have two multigrain wasa crackers with peanut butter. On some days I have hummus. On others I have sliced avocado. I am getting bored of these.

Can you suggest some relatively fast toppings for me for breakfast? I am attempting to avoid egg because I have to make it and therefore it is not quick, and dairy because I am just trying to avoid it. I am not the hugest meat-eater in the world but I am not a vegetarian.

I can and will make a quantity of something ahead if it will keep for a few days.

Thank you.
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You could do other types of nut butters, and add stuff on top of them. Think hazelnut butter + honey, or cashew butter + chili powder, etc.

In the same vein as hummus, there's babaghanoush (eggplant spread) and muhammara (pepper spread). Or go to the other side of the Mediterranean and try tapenade (olive spread) or roasted red pepper spread.

You could make tuna salad spread ahead of time (or egg salad). You could also do sardines on the crackers (maybe on a thin layer of spread to make them stay in place!)
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If you have access to them, faux gras (a vegan lentil spread that somehow tastes like thanksgiving) and basilicotta (a pesto-cashew ricotta mix) are both very tasty. You could also make something similar at home.

Ajvar is also a good spread, but doesn't have any protein if that's a concern - maybe mixing in some white beans would be nice? My link goes to a recipe, but it's available jarred too.

I also really like beet hummus (available at whole foods, also easy to make), and second the muhammara and baba ganoush recommendations!

On the sweet side, nutella or chocolate peanut butter would both be good.
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Onions. Hard salami. Pesto. Roasted garlic and olive oil paste. Tomatoes. Chopped olives, onions, garlic, and herbs. Roasted red peppers. Butter and raisins. Dates.
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You can make egg salad the night before and then put that on there.

Tuna salad would be good.
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I really like this very simple, spreadable vegan cashew cheese, though I don't think it takes like cheese. It is easy to make if you have a food processor and keeps for several days. You can add garlic, parsley, roasted red pepper, or extra black pepper to change the flavor.
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Vary the hummus by adding a bit of flavor? Olive tapanade, or basil pesto, or roasted peppers, or roasted garlic are all good.

In Russian grocery stores you can get jars of a vegetable spread made of tomatoes, eggplant, red peppers, and all sorts of other things. More tomato paste or hummus consistency than tomato sauce. I don't remember what it's called.
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You could also do sliced hard-boiled eggs on top of any of these spreads! Just make and peel them ahead of time.
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If you like tomatoes, you could do cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, a bit of freshly chopped onion, and cracked pepper on top. Or cream cheese, capers, smoked salmon.
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If you like tomatoes, you could do cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, a bit of freshly chopped onion, and cracked pepper on top. Or cream cheese, capers, smoked salmon.

This seems like it might be more work than you wanna do in the morning if you can't bring yourself to cook eggs, BUT you could totally chop up some onions/tomatoes/pepper or capers/salmon and mix them into cream cheese ahead of time, for a nice spread. Or tofu cream cheese, since you're trying to cut dairy.
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I like Wasa crackers, too. I treat them primarily as a vehicle for high quality butter (Kerrygold is good) with a fine fruit preserves/jam, such as St. Dalfour Black Cherry. Tastes like cake.
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Ricotta cheese with a little salt or jam!
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I like them with creamcheese. You can can get spreadable ones with all sorts mixed through them or just put some tomato slices on top with lots of black pepper. Or as you're trying to cut back on dairy then just the tomato is nice.

Have you tried some slices of apples with pb(or other nut butter) & honey on them it is so good. I like to add slices of cucumber, spiralized carrot or arugala to the top of my hummus to change that up a little too.

Slices of pineapple sprinkled with a little chili powder is my SILs favourite way of eating them.
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sliced apples or bananas and a bit of Nutella

it's a bit sugary for every day but maybe it's your Friday Special or something.
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I am attempting to avoid egg because I have to make it and therefore it is not quick

I premake "egg sandwich inserts" for this kind of thing. You can use a casserole-type dish to make a shallow egg thing (put what you like in it, fritatta-style, just generally you should use pre-cooked proteins or vegetables otherwise they give off a lot of water/grease and make everything fall apart), cut it up into Wasa-size pieces, stack and store in the fridge. Either microwave or just add cold.

My favorite Wasa is hummus and deli turkey. None of the other deli meats are as good as turkey, somehow, with hummus.

Babaghanouj (which I can get at most grocery stores in the hummus section, though it's not hard to make and then you can use coconut or soy yogurt in it) is really mild, but very good under a sliced tomato - a really good tomato, and the season is approaching.
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My grocer has a wide variety of jarred antipasto that I love. It is like this, but a different local brand. Kind of a pickly mix of tomato, olive, capers, etc. Excellent with a piece of cheese on crackers.
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Tahini! I love the stuff and it's quite easy to make, keeps for a long time. Or you can buy it premade in jars. I also might mix a little honey in but that's not necessary.
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Boil eggs in advance and make egg salad, which is delicious. Also, you can put delicious, delicious jam on crisp bread.
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If you don't mind sardines, they're really good mixed with cilantro and some of the olive oil they sit in, then layered with avocado.
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"mild" or "sweet" rice miso is like savory ice cream: wonderful mouth feel, all the umami flavor, and fermented for belly happiness. Also vegan & GF.
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Beer Cheese is great on crackers. You can make it at home or buy it in tubs in the deli section.
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What you are doing is pretty similar to crostini. Googling that might get you some additional ideas.
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Almond butter or cream cheese, dill and smoked salmon with dijon mustard.
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Almond butter and sliced banana.
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Almond butter with cold sliced cucumber is fantastic in summer (or whenever).

I also like butter or spreadable cheese with radish slices.

Try a mandolin to slice thin on the weekend, put in Tupperware and enjoy a fast breakfast for almost a week.
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