Cream-whipper recipes
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What are some cool things to do with an "iSi Mini Whip"?

I got a whipped-cream maker from uses gas cartridges to make homemade "redi-whip," but I want to use it for more than just whipped cream. I recently saw the final episode of Good Eats where Alton used one to make chocolate mousse...what else can I make. Recipes please! (Besides these.)
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Infuse some booze!
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The link in joshuaconner's link about some guy using a fizzgizz to rapid-marinade chicken strips is also interesting. Not sure if that would work with the iSi machine.
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Check out my previous question where everyone keeps me from exploding myself.
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If you're curious, here's the Metafilter post I made about the Cooking Issues blog.
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Make sure you keep your NO2 and your CO2 cartridges straight too. CO2 will make lovely fizzy fruit, but it'll just mess up your cream.
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Mix about 1/4 of a small package of dry Jello powder with the cream - yummy strawberry/lemon/whatever-flavored creamy dessert in seconds! Be sure you get the Jello powder mixed thoroughly into the whipping cream before you put the mixture in the isi so that there aren't any lumps. Lumps will clog the isi nozzle really fast. DAMHIK!
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Stick in a few sticks of celery and a bit of apple juice.
Now you have celery that tastes of apples!

Oh also, infused vodkas!
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Bloody Mary Celery Sticks
Haven't tried it, since I don't own an Isi, but would love to.
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Response by poster: Could I put eggs in the isi? Maybe something like egg-beaters?
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I would imagine eggs would block it up.

I've put a bit of juice concentrate (like cranberry or pomegranate) in with the cream along with a sweetener ( I used agave because it was on the commie shelf and I was worried honey might be thick enough to stop it up) and then dusted cocoa powder on top. SO TASTY
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Response by poster: I tried eggs - it didn't clog up, but they didn't stay stiff aster they were dispensed.
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