House bras!
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I'm looking for house bras. House bras are non-underwire super-duper-crazy-comfy bras that offer a modicum of a 'having it together look' with a maximum amount of comfy--comfortable enough to sleep in.

I'm 36DD, 5'4, 140 lbs--so fairly booby.

Preferably, they'd have actual cups--so not those slingy 'sports bras' that make your breasts look like a meatloaf.

I want silky smooth or soft and lovely and available on Amazon. The cheaper the better. I'm likely to be wearing my husband's underpants and a t-shirt to complete the ensemble.
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Wacoal goes up to DD in wirefree bras. I wear the b.tmpt'd line which is only sized Small, Medium & Large, but works for my DD boobs but I have a smaller band size than you.

This one is soft cotton but with a hook & eye closure, so I don't sleep in it. This lace one does not have hook & eye

Warner has gorgeous comfy wirefree bras, but they only go up to D. If sizing up in the band and down in the cup works for you, you might try that.
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I have a sleep bra from Blue Canoe. It's very comfortable and sometimes I do sleep in it. If I wear it for too long, my neck starts to hurt though.
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These are plus size, but since you are a DD and they are cheap they might be worth trying in their size 0: I own 8 of these bandeaus and 2 of the bralettes (which have more hoist) because I work from home. The bralettes are "run to the grocery-store" safe for me, but the bandeaus can be a little nipply - I can sign for a package and not be terribly worried about it. I would not run any distance in either of them. I haven't had them long enough to wash any of them more than 4-5 times, but aside from snagging one of them on a necklace they've washed well in a lingerie bag and dry over the shower rod overnight.
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Best answer: I have tried many versions of this type of bra, I also am well endowed. I found the Bali Comfort Revolution Wire Free to be impossibly good looking under clothes and comfortable. Can confirm you can answer the door or run to the store in it without feeling like you are bouncing all over the show and making a spectacle.

It's not luxury fabric, very soft, but not luxury. Does not give unaboob. 10/10 highly recommend.
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Best answer: I'm going to add that you should try the Medium size and see how the fits. Should be perfect. I know you are not a medium size bra at DD, but trust the sizing chart on the website.
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I have a friend who adores the BreastNest -- says they're great for lounging and preventing the dread of the big-chested gal: Sweaty Underboob.
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You want this Hanes Wirefree Convertible Bra. I rarely sleep without one.
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I've heard ThirdLove has some memory foam bras and they're very comfy according to my full chested friend. A few podcasts have discount codes too ( I only know The Read has one code).
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I've got the Hanes one. Pretty comfy though I am a small size so the Small is a little baggy on me but I wear it when I'm lazy. Very soft.
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I love this Bali one and use it for just the purpose you do at about the same size. I can't remember how much I paid for mine in store, but it looks like they're running around $20 on Amazon.
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These Hanes bras are extremely comfortable.
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I bought this one last week when I broke an arm and needed an easy one-handed option. Very comfy (I'm a DDD), and a great buy at $12.99.
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Uniqlo! I'm wearing a wireless padded bra from them right now....
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Nthing the Bali. I have very narrow shoulders and run 32-DD/E/F depending on the brand, and I consider these perfectly acceptable for running to the grocery store and like sorts of errands. They neither dig in nor fall off my shoulders.
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I agree that Bali makes comfy, supportive underwire-free bras with actual cups. I've bought several over the years and have never been disappointed.
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I am your size, and I am obsessed with these bras from Victoria's Secret. They are super super comfy and I have definitely fallen asleep in them by mistake. Although their size chart claims that even the extra large will not fit a DD, I have found the XL to fit very well (it's pretty stretchy). Obviously it is not the most supportive thing in the world, but I find the bra to provide enough coverage/support to go out of the house (maybe not to work, but definitely for running errands or going to a coffee shop) -- not sure whether that is important to you or not. Obviously you can't get this on Amazon since it's Victoria's Secret, but I figured I'd mention them since you can order online and they are SO AWESOME.
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I discovered the wonderfully comfyWarner's Bras on my first pregnancy when I got to be more busty than usual. I've been using them ever since.
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Have you tried the Coobie bra? I find them very comfortable and the little bit of padding makes them nipple-less.
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I funded the Kickstarter for the 8 in 1 Evolution bra and lemme tell ya, it is a game changer. Soft and silky with serious support but you don't even feel like you're wearing anything. Wireless, quick dry, reversible. It has some elements of a sports bra but instead of a flattening band, it has super comfy cups .

No lie, I fell asleep wearing it last night, woke up, went running with the damned thing on and was like, I am going to marry this thing. Seriously. Game changer.
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I am a D, and just bought one of the Bali bras linked to, and recommended heartily, upthread. I also trusted the size chart as recommended upthread. I am rather disappointed in it, as it is a bit uniboob-y -- not as bad as some sports bras I have owned, but definitely a lot less defined than a regular bra. It's hard to tell from the pictures, so I thought you might be interested to know. I think it would be better for a smaller-boobed person, and it would be worse for a DD.

(I also ordered the Hanes and the Warner's recommended in this thread which should arrive tomorrow, memail me if you are interested in my impressions of those.)
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Response by poster: Jbenben's Bali recommendation arrived today; I bought three and they're great, each under twenty dollars.

A++ would bra again.

Lots of others were tempting but either weren't available via Amazon or didn't offer DDs, which is a fun thing in the bra industry.

Anyway: super comfortable and seconding the recommendation for future house-bra seekers.
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