Twin Cites Roofing company recommendations?
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I need the entire roof replaced on my 1920's house in Saint Paul. Looking for recommendations from you fine folks. Thank you.
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I used Archway Contracting on my 1930s Minneapolis house just about a year ago, and they were great.

If your neighborhood is active on, I've found that's a good way to get recommendations as well!
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Are you in a Historic District or not? And what kind of roof is it -- plain asphalt shingles, or slate, or terra-cotta or...?
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Response by poster: Yes, in a historical district, so I am aware there are requirements for shingles (well, aware enough to know I need a company who is). Asphalt on top of asphalt on top of original 1920's roof. I am aware it will all have to come off since three layers is the limit.
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Our neighbors had theirs done (regular roof, not clay tiles or anything) a few years ago by Lemke & Son and as far as I know have been happy. The guys from the company were very courteous to us in explaining that debris might fall into our yard and they'd be coming over to pick it up as much as possible. I do also recommend Nextdoor; the one for our neighborhood has a lot of this kind of discussion.
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My parents's house is also in a Historical District, but they are out of town so I can't ask them for you. Sorry. :7(

They used someone for their last few projects on their Old House and were happy, but I never found out who the contractor was. (I am out of MN.)

Any other Minnesotans who can pitch in here? HA HA ROOF JOKE
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I used Ryan Roofing for my 1920's bungalow. We were so happy with the service.
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We used Tradition Roofing for our older house and were satisfied. They leave their sign up in your yard and never come back to pick it up tho, for free advertising I guess.
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