Whose famous last "words" were a punctuation mark?
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I recall reading, some years ago, about a semi-famous intellectual--I believe it was a philosopher, or theologian, or author--who, on his/her deathbed, wrote a single punctuation mark as his/her last "words." The mark was either a comma or a semicolon, if I recall correctly. No matter how hard I try, I can't find the answer via Google.
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Not "last words" exactly, but any chance it was Graham Greene?
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Also not last words, but might you be thinking of Victor Hugo's telegram?
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Thank you--but it was definitely neither of those. I'm fairly certain this was a deathbed/last words situation.
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In *Eats, Shoots and Leaves*, the author says that the dying words of an unidentified 20th century writer were "I should have used fewer semicolons." I doubt that's what you're after, but in case it's something you misremembered ...
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I browsed this list on Wikiquote and didn't see anything that was just a punctuation mark. I'm listing it so you don't browse it, or at least look at the edit date before you get sucked in and read too many final words.
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If I'm unable to find a source for this, I'm going to assume I dreamt it or something, and therefore am super profound (if only on a subconscious level).
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This story immediately brought to mind the play "Wit." In it, the main character recalls a conversation she had with her professor about a problematic translation of Donne's "Death be Not Proud." Here is the the scene in question.
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In the last letter she wrote to George Burns, Gracie Allen wrote, "Never place a period where God has placed a comma." Is it possible that this is what you're remembering?
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I'm still pretty sure it's none of the examples given, but thanks for the responses so far--particularly the one on Wit from xyzzy, because I've gone ahead and purchased a copy of that screenplay. The dialogue is beautiful.
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