Future or "techno" versions of "World" or otherwise indigenous music
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Please share your recommendations for music rooted in an ethnic background, but brought post-modern in a techno/trance/dubstep/electro etc. version or rendition.

I'm after some music which evokes sounds of a post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk future but maintains a connection back to a modern or historic music that is local or region-specific. For my purposes, the darker or spookier the better, but I'm happy to receive recommendations for uplifting suggestions as well. Some things I have in mind might be some Maori future like Tiki Taane - Tangaroa or perhaps some Native American drums as Lost Tribe (Native American techno drums) perform. I'm not after cultural appropriation, so it's preferable if it's a work from within the associated culture itself. But Techno-based sources who have included or adopted cultural themes in their works are also welcome.
Think post-war year 2100, how does music sound after the cities have been destroyed, but the traditional music blends with the future?
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Check out the ZZK Records compilations. I am especially fond of Frikstalkers.
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Serbian Turbo-Folk
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You may be interested in Natacha Atlas and maybe Mirwais & Yasmine Hamdan's Y.A.S. album/project (as well as her solo stuff).
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First thing that comes to mind for me is Mbongwana Star.
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It may not be futuristic enough for your needs but A Tribe Called Red is a Canadian aboriginal band that turns some traditional Aboriginal sounds into techno music.
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Sorten Muld is a Danish electro-folk band whose songs are based on folk traditions & folk ballads. I've always loved Ravnen (The Raven).

Hedningarna is a Swedish folktronica band that's maybe a bit more purist in terms of instruments. They use Sami music traditions as well as old Scandi music.
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Sahel Sounds (Bandcamp page is here) is a blog/record label that publishes modern music from the Sahel and the Sahara. It's not all electronic - some of it is more straightforward rock - but a lot of it is, and digging through their catalog is always a lot of fun. I'd start with Taaritt.
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Oh, and you also might like Omar Souleyman - think traditional Syrian wedding music filtered through layers and layers of synths.
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Would Nortec Collective fit what you are looking for?
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Check out genres like gqom, shangaan electro and kuduro

Cut Hands definitely

Randomer's recent Kid's Play EP is brilliant

Clap! Clap! although that is a brighter, global bass oriented sound

I really like this style of music (when it's done well) and want to find more...
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Oh I forgot:

Ancestral Voices
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I would suggest that you take a look at Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.

The genres that you should be checking out are in the trance family and psy sub family. Goa trance has that deep brooding post apocalyptic element that you are seeking. If you need specific recommendations, let me know. The guide should serve as a good starting point to explore the popular artists in the space.
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Omar Faruk Tekbilek (warning - the site's main page has autoplay audio). I was just listening to Shashkin when I read this question!
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Seconding A Tribe Called Red, they are totally killer, and hugely prominent as cultural leaders.

It doesn't quite fit the brief, to be honest, because it's music about the present day, like "what if indigenous cultures were brutalized and their kids grew up as an underclass in urban dystopias". The thing is, you don't really have to look to the future to get post-apocalyptic.
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Strongly 2nding the recommendation of ZZK Records. Chancha Via Circuito is my favorite artist on the label and might be just the kind of thing you're after.
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PercussivePaul is correct, you don't have to imagine dark subject matter for people to make dark or spooky music!

Tanya Taqaq does modern and political music with throat singing. She won the Polaris prize in 2014 and "the performance was dedicated to the 1,182 Aboriginal women either missing or murdered since 1980, in whose names many are demanding a federal inquiry."
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No list like this would be legitimate without mentioning Deep Forest. While they are not as dark or spooky as you might be looking for, they travel the world to collaborate with the globe's best musicians.
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Clap! Clap!
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A fair bit of Afro-Celt Soundsystem's work fits this I think.
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Check out Magnatune.
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Sacred Spirit?
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Balkansky and just about everything on the SUBBASS label are aces if you like deep dubstep.
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I don't know that it's apocalyptic at all, but dZihan & Kamien's Der Bauch has some neat ethnic drumming.
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Another vote for ZZK records!

Filastine has been making multi-hyphenated-genre global music on some great LPS - Dirty Bomb and L00T both capture some of the post-apocalyptic / after capitalism collapses ideas that you mention looking for.

Filastine has collaborated with Maga Bo, who tags one of his solo LPs 'Archipelagos' as #transnationalbass on soundcloud, and very much fits the description as well.

And both Bo and Filastine are associated with dj/rupture's (previously) Soot records label, which may or may not still be running, but which Discogs describes as "Traditional middle eastern music and roots reggae sounds mixed with hip-hop and breakcore." I first heard Uproot Andy, Ya Legros and the ZZK records stuff through dj/rupture's great wfmu.org radio show, Mudd Up!, all the episodes of which can still be streamed from their site.

I keep an eye on Wayne Marshall's Wayenandwax blog to hear about what's going on with various bits of 21st century ethnomusicology that overlap with these interests. W&W's got a neat piece (.pdf here) about Arca , who fits the description of stuff you'd like to listen to: "while Arca's unique signature makes him the producer of the moment, he draws on a sonic palette co-produced by millions, the diasporic hodgepodge that gives Arca’s music its familiar pulse: dub and dubstep, reggaeton, hip-hop, kuduro, perhaps a touch of Venezuela’s own take on global bass culture, changa tuki." He draws a link between Arca's sound and the global bass sounds of theGHE20G0TH1K scene that's linked to Venus X.

Relatedly, in a UK context, Jumping Back Slash, LV, and The Very Best (Radioclit and Esau Mwamwaya) have been putting out different types of collisions between London bass genres and different African Genres. And Kamixlo has recently been talked up for making a London-centric 'future reggaeton'.
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Moro's San Benito EP is meant to be a contemporary reimagining of tango to account for the erasure of enslaved Africans from Argentina's (and specifically tango's) history.
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