Quiet, cross-platform, local multiplayer phone games?
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My GF and I are at a café with our respective, slightly outmoded Android and iOS phones. We want to play a game, but Spaceteam is TOO LOUD for public. What’s something fun, quiet and cross-platform? Thanks!

Special notes:
  • Paying money is better than enduring ads
  • Games that won't totally eat your battery for lots of gee-whiz effects are better than those that will.
  • Good ports of board games are Great! as long as they don't eat all of your phone’s disk.
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Ticket to Ride for iOS is fun. Don't know if you can play across iOS/Android.
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Hero Academy, Super Stickman Golf 2, Draw Something, Cubic Castles, Hearthstone, Minecraft Pocket... Ingress, if you guys are on the move, but it is a bit of a battery drain and the multiplayer aspect is more meta than not. There's a great iOS adaptation of Carcassonne, but it looks like the Android version (which can play cross-platform against Windows phones) was developed by a different studio than the iOS developer.
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Words With Friends
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My wife and I often play Ascension cross Android/PC/iOS. Though it might eat up your disk space. No ads, but expensive expansions.
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I recommended hearthstone earlier in the week,but if you both like magic it's a great mobile card game.
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Glow Hockey: Android/2 player/1 screen/neon-themed air hockey. fun.
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Wordfeud is superior to Words With Friends.
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